AGL was created in 1958, thanks to the efforts of Piero Giusti, the first of three generations at the helm of this family business.From the Italian region of Marche, the beating heart of shoemaking production, AGL creations went on to conquer Northern Europe and the U.S. with Attilio, who made the glove-like fit the distinctive feature of these shoes designed and made in Italy, at the family-owned company. The brand reputation and worldwide distribution expanded further with the input of the Giusti sisters – Sara, Vera and Marianna – the third generation currently at the helm of what they consider the family jewel, AGL, a legacy created out of tradition, skilled craftsmanship, artistic vocations and memories..


Sara, Commercial Director, has employed all her efforts to create an international distribution network that includes the presence of famous department stores and niche multi-brand boutiques. She never loses sight of her goal, namely to consolidate the presence of the AGL brand worldwide.

Vera, Artistic Director in charge of communication, shares the unique style of AGL footwear, which has won the hearts of famous spokespeople and the top magazines in the industry. She has digitalized the company with official profiles on social networks and by launching, the official website and only mono-brand boutique.

Marianna heads up the style office; it is from her pencils that ideas for the new collections are born. The meticulous creation of AGL shoes is what she has at heart. From the idea to the finished product, Marianna collaborates with specialists in both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, which allow her to ensure the high quality of Italian craftsmanship.